Plastics Recycling & Brokerage

Currently Purchasing

  • Super Engineering Grades
    PEI, PPSU, PSU and more
  • Engineering Grades
    PC, Nylon, ABS and more
  • Commodity Grades
    PP, PE, PS, TPE, TPO and more

Recycling & Buying

Full service recycling – Tailor made to suit your needs.
We can take a full array of materials including all types of plastics.


Specialize in high-quality engineering and commodity grade plastics.

  • Regrind, reprocessed and virgin materials
  • Quality inspected prior to shipping
  • 100% guaranteed quality
  • Large inventory for Just-in-time orders
  • Worldwide deliveries for Full and Partial loads

Quality and Integrity

All materials are carefully inspected in one of our locations worldwide

  • Five step quality control procedure to ensure materials meet our high standards
  • We stand behind our materials 100%
  • Experienced sales team committed to customer service

Looking to Buy or Sell Plastics efficiently?

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